What to know before you plan your AAS cycle

 What should you know for your steroid cycle plan.
1) How old are you?
Your age is really important ,for example you are not  23y.o.dont even thing about using steroids as you still must grow if you eat and train correct.
If you are over 50 you must check your health  before  using some products which may cause prostate enlargement,high blood pressure,and gyno are some things which can happen.You should know your health situation to know what can used and what not.
2)What is your goal?You want to get shredded or bulk up?You achieve this goals with different steroid types.That's why you should know your health situation.
3)Have you take all possible from natural training?Dont forget steroids are only 10-20% the rest is training and nutrition.Dont use AAS until you have taken maximum results  from natural training.
Be strong and keep training!!

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